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Revolutionize your business and transform your city with our suite of innovative solutions. Optimize fleet management, streamline retail operations, and make informed decisions with our powerful geolocation tracking and hybrid data analysis tools. Experience the power of our student bus program and upcoming Park and Go solution, and save money while reducing your environmental impact. Contact us now to take the first step toward a more efficient and sustainable future.

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Rush Hour

Our flagship fleet management and tracking system helps businesses streamline their transportation operations and increase efficiency. 

POS Data Collector

POS data collector

Intercepts communication between computers and their ticket printers, consolidating all transactions into a centralized database, providing a real-time view of sales volume.

People Count

People Count

Providing accurate and real-time data on customer traffic patterns, our software enables businesses to optimize staffing, management, and sales strategies.

Batch Background Removal

Automatically removes backgrounds in batches and converts images into many different formats for fast image processing and marketing.

Mobile Money

Targeting financial regulators (regtech/govtech), this product allows the consolidation of stakeholders mobile transactions into one single entity.

School Bus Security System

Designed primarily for RTA Dubai, our project provides a complete and secure system for students inside school buses, ensuring their safety and well-being while optimizing transportation operations.

School Bus Route Optimizaiton

School bus student pickup and route optimization software streamlines transportation operations for cost reduction with advanced route optimization algorithms.

Parking Meter


The proposed park-and-go solution involves automated parking systems that scan and log the parked vehicles’ matriculation and send the information to a central server for cost calculation. 



Automata Consultants and Entrepreneuriat is a leading provider of IT consulting services and software solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our suite of software solutions includes cutting-edge tools such as people counting software, POS data collectors, fleet management, tracking systems, and more, all of which are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of each client.

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