Policy-based Tracking

Major Policy-based Tracking Events

Basic events

  • Ignition on/off
  • Overspeed start/end + peek overspeed
  • Idle start/end
  • Doors open/close sensors
  • Truck PTO activation/deactivation
  • Fuel Cap removed
  • Motion detection
  • Tow detection
  • Impact detection
  • Main power voltage low
  • Main power voltage lost
  • Main power recovered
  • Immobilizer
  • Low fuel alerts
  • Electromagnetic Braking Systems
  • Seat belt buckled/unbuckled detection
  • Seat sensor for passenger detection


  • Entering/exiting user-predefined geo zones
  • Engine block on geo zones

Refrigerated container

  • A/C compressor activation/deactivation
  • Temperature out-of-range (ex: reefers, medical supplies, food transportation)


  • Crossing into/out of a predefined route
  • Overspeed on routes
  • Routes can be scheduled

Cutting Edge Vehicle Tracking System

Real-time event notifications

Presenting our state-of-the-art vehicle tracking system, which uses policy-based cutting-edge technology to guarantee maximum security and compliance at all times. With our system in place, each policy violation will result in real-time event notifications, be it by SMS, mobile notification, or email, allowing you to act right away and protect your assets.

Our system is designed to promptly detect and report any infractions to registered policies, including speeding, unauthorized stops, route deviations, and more. By capturing these incidents in real-time, you can maintain a high level of control over your drivers’ behavior and mitigate potential risks or losses effectively.

We understand that every organization has unique demands and specifications. Therefore, our solution allows you to tailor and set policies and regulations that align with your specific requirements. This customization ensures that the system is aligned with your business objectives and helps you enforce the desired standards of responsibility and compliance among your drivers. With our solution, you can proactively address any deviations from established policies, promote a culture of responsible driving, and maintain a safer and more efficient operation.

You can rely on our policy-based car tracking system to offer you unmatched protection and peace of mind. To learn more and experience the power of policy-based technology, get in touch with us right away.