TRUE Park & Go

Streamline Parking Management and Boost Revenue with Our Innovative Park-and-Go Solution for Governments


Transform Parking Management with Our Park-and-Go Solution

Introducing our ground-breaking park-and-go approach! With the help of our cutting-edge system, the parking procedure is totally automated, saving time and boosting productivity. The technology transmits data to a central server, which keeps track of how many vehicles are parked there and calculates the fee using hardware that scans the matriculation of the parked vehicles and sends it to a centralized server for logging. using their mobiles, drivers may quickly locate an open parking space and may reserve it in advance with our intuitive app. By reserving in advance, the driver would be paying for the parking space generating additional revenue for the government. The system can also offer useful information for conducting demographic research and for law enforcement.

The explanations for each point are as follows:


Automated parking: the driver just parks and go. No need to buy a ticket, nor to send an SMS. Our system eliminates such human intervention and streamlines the parking process for drivers. Every parking space would hence be accounted for.


Centralized server: The central server logs the amount parked and calculates the cost, providing valuable data for the government to manage parking resources more efficiently. This data can also be used for informed decision-making about the number and location of parking lots.


Reservation system: Our reservation system helps drivers find an empty parking slot and reserve it in advance, saving time and reducing frustration. This feature can also generate additional revenue for the government by charging a fee for reserved parking spaces.


Demographic analysis: The data generated by our system can be used for demographic analysis, helping the government make informed decisions about transportation planning and infrastructure development.


Law enforcement: Our system can aid law enforcement agencies by tracking the whereabouts of vehicles and their history, making it a valuable tool for investigations and legal proceedings.

Our park-and-go approach offers a number of advantages to motorists, the state, and law enforcement organizations. We can save time and improve efficiency by automating the parking procedure and offering a simple reservation system. For well-informed decisions about parking resources, transit planning, and infrastructure development, the system’s centralized server and data can be employed. The system might also help law enforcement organizations by offering crucial data for inquiries and judicial cases. We can enhance drivers’ parking experiences by putting our creative solution into practice while also giving the government and law enforcement authorities useful information and services.