DATA is your butter

~By Albert Zakhia

What is the ‘most valuable asset’ for a company? A question I am lately asking many people. Very few are coming up with the correct answer: “DATA”.

Yes! DATA is by far the most valuable asset for a company. Not employees, not buildings, not money, not the code, but the DATA. Everything owned, be it client information, accounts details, financial situation, assets, knowledge and knowhow is one way or the other based on DATA, DATA that is persisted into some kind of filing system.

Given the above, the first thing architects need to approach when building a system, is to understand the data they are working with. Its usage. Where does it come from? What does it reflect? Where is it going? Who will be using it? What is its purpose? What is the frequency of its usage? Follows an estimation of its starting size, growth, inputs and outputs. Last but not least, comes data governance, which imposes company rules of how to secure the data, back it up, hide it from preying eyes and what disaster recovery model to use.

Only when this information is agreed upon and complete, we can move to the second phase: which database model to use. We need to see which model fits best our data’s structure, usage and strategy.

Up until this point, talking about technologies, frameworks, OS and whatever follows is a complete waste of time and resources. If this happens, it is job to be redone. Money is lost, so is time.

This is where I wrong companies imposing technologies and tools too soon in the development cycle

Today’s 2 cents, hire someone who understands the subject. Semantics will follow up shortly.